Wade Preston, pianist, vocalist, composer, and arranger


Wade Preston is an American pianist, vocalist, composer, and arranger.

Wade is best known for his role as the piano man in Billy Joel’s Broadway hit Movin’ Out. He is an original cast member, having done the full 3 1/2 year run on Broadway, and often guested on both national tours. He is credited with having done the show more times than anyone, over 1300 shows, and was the only “Piano Man” to do both the principle Piano Man role and the synth chair at the same time.

When Billy was preparing his extended band for the historic Last Play at Shea concerts, where months of rehearsals, preparations, and even sound checks were required, Billy hired Wade as his stand in. Job description, Stunt Billy.

Wade mostly performs solo concerts, as well as with the Wade Preston Band, and occasionally with The Movin’ Out BandTM, or The MOB as they refer to it, made up of all Movin’ Out alumni.

Wade has just released a new CD entitled Lost In the Noise, an eclectic mix of mostly original songs and instrumentals, featuring Wade’s band, and numerous orchestral musicians performing Wade’s string arrangements.